The Batavia by Dupré Fine Graphics


This model is presented in a file with Batavia art prints, 6 die-cuts sheets (22x31cm) and an instructions booklet of 12 pages. Assembly steps are full described by drawings.

cahier DupréThe scale of the model is 1/160. The paper is silky and its quality and printing are excellent. Drawings are precise and simple. Colors are attractive.


Parts are not completely pre-cutted: holes and slits are not cutted. So before cutting, you have to verify discrepancies between printing and pre-cutting.

Assembly of the hull is made without couples : keel is made with two glued parts. Upper bridges and rear castle are glued on this structure by 6 little supports.structure The rigidity of this structure seems sufficient, but after assembly I think that it will be more convenient to reinforce the keel only with carstock. Mine is not strongly straight...

After, the hull is assembled like a shell: you have to curve first the rear hull and to fix it with needles to the deck. It is a surprisingly building method but very efficient. This paper is very easy to curve to obtain a very nice shape.

montage And you need 27 needles to maintain all the hull!

With a minimum of glue, after this step you have a bulging hull like the actual ship Bavaria.

hull finished


To be continued...

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