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Thanks to Steve Brown for "Card Modeling FAQ" page and to Peter J. Visser for a very rich models lists.

The Audi R8 Le Mans 2001 from Volker Preikschat site with numerous models of recent racing cars. *
découpe initiale

Model at scale 1:43 from the winning car in "24h du Mans 2001". One of the most precise and beautiful from Volker but the assembly is difficult. I recommend to cut the wheels opening after assembly of each side as pictured on left.. Cut the air opening behind the front wheel after full assembly of the model.

The 1946 OPEL BLITZ bus in the Rychu's site.

Nice model of a MZK company bus from Poland. It seems that it is a model at scale 1:72

The Ford A model 1934 (site Mic's papermodel) scale 1/50 ?

Very nice looking model. This is a complex little model but the fit is good: assemble carefuly to have a good result!
The Ford A Tudor Coupé: same body as the van but the rear differs.

Honk-Kong buses (site of S. Cho). Lots of models.

Size of original models reduced to 50%. At this size, very easy to build and good looking.

Volvo S70 from Japanese site (the model in PDF) Scale : 1/33

Very easy to build rapidly. This model is an example for the method of car modeling with paper by Akira Mizorogi.

The BX Citroën : japanese model (Gif file) scale 1:33 but HISA sit has now better models.

Very easy. Modeled by Akira Mizorogi method. Rear view mirrors added.

Honda CRV from Pokara and Peugeot Expert (or Fiat Scudo) from D.Moynihan.


The Volkswagen BEETLE (model in PDF format) scale 1/43

Very nice looking, but small size give difficulty.

Czech GT formula from Vasek Jancata (January 2001: model no more downloadable) Scale: 1/33 *

Easy with care. On the original site, it seems that this car is build to organize a "windy" Grand Prix. Each player has to blow her car to run. See the hole at rear : a sort of "aero engine" !

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